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For several months, the world has been struggling with the growing number of COVID-19 cases. Difficult situation now affects each of us directly. Reason for this is not only the fact of obligatory isolation, uncertainty of tomorrow, but also problems related to the education of children and youth.

See, how you can help!


Taking into account the recommendations of  MEN (Ministry of National Education) in the scope of the proposed tools supporting remote education, we have developed a new ECCC certification module PI M21 Remote Teaching. Range of the module includes theoretical and practical issues related to operate free toolkit that allows teachers to conduct lessons via web using Google Classroom application.

For the concern of education development and the good of students, ECCC training in the PI M21 Module Remote Teaching with ECCC certificate we provide absolutely FREE!

Why is it worth becoming supporting PARTNER?

  • You become an ambassador and precursor of distance learning
  • You invest in the future of young generation
  • You support parents in this difficult time
  • You implement the policy of corporate social responsibility

If you would like to:

  • help to grow the group of qualified teachers with competence in distance teaching
  • help distributing free ECCC PI M21 training Distance-Teaching with certification
  • allow children to access high-quality online lessons
  • help teachers, students and parents learn and effectively use modern e-learning tools


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ECCC Foundation started a Distance Teaching Project

To support teachers in their work, ECCC Foundation started a Distance Teaching project by online training, giving instructions, tools and finally a testThe training includes acquiring knowledge and understanding of digital competences, based on DigComp. Find out more about the project and results. SEE MORE!